QA Testing
In this age of software development, customer expectations are higher than ever in terms of Quality of IT Applications. Our independent software testing services blend industry know-how with consulting expertise to help ensure Quality and reliability across various software projects.   Functional testing deals with the functionality of the application and its relation to the users. Apart from testing functionalities of the system, it covers other essential aspects such as basic usability, accessibility, etc. To ensure meticulous evaluation of the functional areas of a software product, functional testing is performed at different levels of software development process through:  
  • Unit Testing
  • System Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing

Our experienced QA testing teams are specialized in providing prominent Quality Assurance services and functional testing across different verticals and for multiple platforms like mobile, desktop, cloud and web services testing.   The proper functionality of every aspect of the solution including the security features, the installation process, all the APIs and the outcomes in different environments are tested by our QA professionals. Our teams are proficient in managing the astounding tasks in functional testing to make the process seamless & error free. Our scientific & logical methodologies help us draft all deliverables & formulate a rational plan.

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