IT Outsourcing Services
In the past, IT organizations were internally focused and concentrated on technical issues. However, with the business environment getting more & more dynamic every day, the ability to leverage IT resources as needed for enhanced efficiency has become the key differentiator in business competitiveness today. In order to turn it into reality, one needs to develop a dynamic, flexible and predictable IT Services infrastructure that can exploit the IT Infrastructure to the fullest.

In this scenario, the IT Service Provider needs to focus on the quality of IT services and the methodology to deliver the same with transparency is important. A business like attitude to the provision of service and the costs associated with these has become high on the agenda for all businesses.

Some of the benefits of IT Infrastructure management using an Integrated Service Management framework are:

  • Improved end-user service, perception & satisfaction
  • Better managed infrastructure and control
  • More effective and efficient use of support resources
  • Enhanced management information for better decision support
  • A predictable service/support environment that helps reduce incidental costs, improve security and dependability of the infrastructure
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction

SUNIC has defined and developed a clear methodology to manage complex IT service needs of enterprise.

  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Change Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Service Level Management