Enterprise Server Solutions
  • SUN SPARC and x86 Servers- Intel and AMD
  • HP Integrity and Proliant Servers
  • IBM P series and x series servers
  • Dell Poweredge servers

Enterprise Storage and Backup- SUN, HP, IBM
  • Storage Consolidation
  • Design, Supply, Implementation & Support
  • SAN | NAS | BCP/DR | Automated Tape Archival

Networking and Security
  • Tyco, Avvaya, Nortel, Cisco, 3 COM, McAfee, Norton

ERP Infrastructure
  • Design, Supply, Integration & Support

Telecom Solutions
  • Aggressively working with leading Telecom Service providers
  • For Telco-grade Servers & Storage Implementation

Messaging Solutions
  • Corporate Messaging Solutions based on Solaris, Linux & Exchange

Engineering Design
  • Products & Services for CAD/CAE/CFD based R&D infrastructure
  • High end SUN and HP Workstations based on AMD and Intel processors
  • SUN and IBM Unix workstations

High Performance Computing
  • Grid Computing Architecture Design & Implementation
  • Solutions for Bio-Informatics, Financial Modelling & Engineering Research

Server Based Computing- Application Delivery on thin clients
  • Citrix, Tarantella & Remote Access Solution for Server Based Computing
  • Branch operations connectivity, Inter-Office Connectivity solutions
  • IT Facilities Management Services, SLA Management.